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Caper berries are the teardrop-shaped fruit of the caper bush, which is a low-growing, deciduous shrub that grows wild in Morocco and across the Mediterranean. Caper berries mature once the flower of the caper bush has bloomed. Our caper berries are harvested by hand from wild caper bushes in Northern Morocco, near Fes. Once harvested, they are separated by size, cured, and packed in brine. The flavor profile is milder than that of caper buds, but caper berries still possess some of the characteristic tartness found in the buds.

Culinary Uses   Caper berries are milder than caper buds and make a delicious snack on their own. They are also excellent sliced and fried as a salad topping, eaten with antipasto, or in martinis.

Ingredients  Caper Berries, Brine (Water, Vinegar, Salt).